What is a Commercial Appraisal?

CREtelligent offers a full suite of commercial appraisal services to meet our clients’ complete collateral valuation requirements.

  •  Our network of appraisers can assist on any property type, be it multifamily, retail, mixed use, office, industrial…even vacant land and special use properties.
  • Whether your appraisal assignment calls for a Sales & Income or Cost Approach to value we deliver the valuation analysis you rely on.  And, in the detail you need, be it a Restricted or Full Appraisal report.
  • A nationwide network of independent, local valuation experts. Licensed appraisers in all 50 states and D.C.
  • We provide two flavors of appraisal review services. The Commercial Technical Review is a combination of a USPAP compliance checklist and a narrative section providing details about the report accuracy and completeness.
  • The Commercial Review is more detailed with an evaluation of the adequacy of the appraisal report, including scope, methods, accuracy, and reasonableness. It confirms the adequacy and relevance of the data used, the propriety of any data adjustments, the appropriateness of the appraisal methods and techniques used, and the correctness and appropriateness of the analyses, opinions or conclusions.

Valuation: Commercial Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews