What is an ALTA Survey?

An ALTA/NSPS survey delivers a clear record containing relevant information concerned with the present and future use of the land, and all encumbrances and restrictions that may affect the property and its use.

Surveyor Findings and Insights in an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey include:

  • Exact Location Of Property Corners And Boundary Lines
  • Location Of Improvements And Above-Ground, Observable Utilities, Striped Parking Spaces, Fences, And Other Significant Observations
    Location Of Recorded And Observed Easements, Including Exceptions To Coverage Identified In The Title Commitment
  • Findings Regarding Any Potential Improvements Crossing Over Property Boundary Lines Or Over Easement Boundaries
    Any Accesses To Public Right Of Way, Or Lack Thereof
  • Zoning Of The Property And Setback Requirements As Defined By The Local Municipality
  • Location Of Any Water Boundaries On The Subject Property
  • APN And Vesting Owner Name Information For All Adjoining Parcels Of Land
  • Incorporate “Optional” Table A Items To Gain Insight Into Parking, Zoning, Flood Hazards, Underground Utility Lines, Topography, And More