My parcel was not found, can you assist me?

We're happy to help you find your parcel.  I'll provide a few tips here to see if we can help you  troubleshoot:

  1. Confirm address is accurate with your documentation – INCLUDING UNIT NUMBERS. 
  2. Confirm Unit Numbers. For multiple unit numbers, please show as a range i.e.:  11344  Coloma Rd. Unit 2,3,4,5. Should be 11344 Coloma Rd. Unit 2-5
  3. Abbreviate when/where possible. Most counties will abbreviate, and often look for these abbreviations i.e. Instead of spelling out Avenue, type Ave. 
  4. Refresh Web Browser

If none of the above are locating your parcel, please send an email containing your parcel address to  EPS Support  and a member of our team will research on your behalf and follow up to confirm your project details.  

EPS Support